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Holy $%^# Vampire Weekend Tickets Are Expensive

After taxes and all kinds of fees to see them live in Chicago, the ticket price netted out to be $104.02. Okay, Okay, I get it – Vampire Weekend are a special group with terrific music, but come on! Am I buying a Saturday pass for a festival or tickets to see one band?

Let’s dive into the receipt of where the money is going (mind you this is for two tickets at $208.04, so we will halve it):

  • General Admission ticket price is $79.50 – If this was the all up price I could convince myself it’s fair.
  • $2.05 for order processing fee – you know they have to process paperwork for my purchase even though there is no paperwork since everything is digital
  • $18.80 for the service fee – you know it’s kind of like buying a toaster at Macy’s and then throwing down an extra 24% because the store had the courtesy to sell it to you.
  • $1.98 for taxes – this one is actually fine.
  • Mailing cost of $1.75 (we will cut this in half just for the sake of math). There wasn’t an option to print or email tickets so take more of my money.
Vampire Weekend Tickets
Selling Soul To Be Able To Buy Vampire Weekend Tickets

That $18.80 fee really rubs me the wrong way. As bands like Vampire Weekend get larger and larger they start to partner up with demonic enterprises like Ticketmaster and these are the effects.


  • I would pay whatever to see these guys, but let me bitch for second.