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Twin Peaks Release Wilco Cover

Twin Peak just released a nice hometown cover of “Spiders (Kidsmoke)”. The song was originally released on A ghost is born by fellow Chicago band, Wilco. Even though it is roughly two minutes shorter than the A ghost is born version, Twin Peaks do a good job with this one. A nice ode to Wilco here.

Twin Peaks are fresh off their Lookout Low release and are currently touring. It would be neat to see them give “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” a shot live on tour.


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What the Heck?! New Pinegrove Album Out on 9/28 (Friday)

Pitchfork just released a very in-depth and well written article about Pinegrove and the “sexual coercion” that encircled Evan Stephen Hall (I don’t know you, Jenn Pelly, but you did amazing job on this). In the article it is explained that the front man tried to push the victim away from her relationship and wouldn’t take no for an answer that resulted in sex.

Whether it was Evan’s fault or if the decision was in the victim’s hands to sleep with Evan, is up to you to decide. I don’t have the brain capacity or the proper knowledge to take a side here. We can all agree that what happened was terrible, though.

The band took a hiatus and Evan is still in therapy to this day. One quote that really struck me was, “We don’t want listeners who are like, ‘We don’t care about this sort of thing,’” Hall added. “We care about this sort of thing. I’m way more sympathetic to people who are like, ‘I don’t understand this situation, it seems fucked up, fuck this band,’ than people who are like, ‘I don’t understand this situation, fuck this situation, I love this band.”


This personally pushed me back over to the Pinegrove side.

Within the article, it is revealed that Pinegrove will be releasing a new album really soon. Really soon as in Skylight will be dropped tomorrow! 100% of sales (The band is self-releasing the album) will go to charities and foundations that support everything from suicide prevention to helping musicians with mental health.

Cardinal which came out in 2016 was one of the most acclaimed albums of the year. It’s going to be interesting to see the direction Skylight takes.

Definitely take the time to read the emotional and deep Pitchfork article and hopefully you are just as excited about the new album as I am.


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Car Seat Headrest in a Led Zeppelin Song

This will probably be one of the dumbest posts here, but hear me out. Give it a chance.

Will Toledo wasn’t even close to being born when Led Zeppelin recorded “Going to California” in 1971, but I swear to you he’s in the song. For 9 seconds, there’s an ounce of Car Seat Headrest in the song.

Listen below:

You hear that? Exactly at 3:18-3:27 that echo like vocal is Will Toledo. Okay it isn’t, but it kind of sounds like him. I’ve been listening to too much Car Seat Headrest at work.


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The music video for “Overthrown” By Oh Sees is absolutely terrifying

The San Francisco rockers just released the music video for “Overthrown” off their latest album, Smote Reverser. Let me tell you, it’s some prime nightmare fuel. I think it was the clay man who’s face/head split in half and melted OR the pig thing licking the decaying head of a caveman that really got me. I mean its clay and all, but oh mama! The epilepsy warning in the beginning is no joke either as my eyes almost fell out of my head. The song is a real loud one and shows off the new direction the Oh Sees have shifted over to.

See for yourself, here’s the music video for this loud banger –