Decent Vinyl Deal

Collecting vinyl can get expensive. This section includes the best deals for vinyls. Please note that these are time sensitive – deals may go on for a while or may expire sometimes the day of.


Previous Decent Vinyl Deals Posts:

Leon Bridges – Coming Home $12.99 (Free Shipping) – 11/12/2019

Phoenix – Bankrupt! $13.02 (Free Shipping) – 10/27/2019

Beach Slang – A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings $10.19 (Free Shipping) – 4/6/2019

Bass Drum of Death – Just Business $14.63 (Free Shipping) – 12/15/2019




Note: Please be aware that these vinyls are linked through referral links. This means with each purchase Sleep So Late will earn a tiny tiny tiny piece of money.


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