You Should Probably Listen To This

Egyptian Blue – “To Be Felt”

NME describes Egyptian Blue as “Promising upstarts; fuzzy, upbeat, and lethargic.” They nail the description as those adjectives are the very embodiment of this UK four-piece.

Back in June the group released their first music with Collateral Damage.  This 4 song EP is a 4/4 – every song “brings it”. People began to notice including Foals’ frontman, Yannis Philippakis who shared a photo of their album on Instagram.

“To Be Felt” carries with it an excellent guitar thrashing through the entire almost 4-minute song. There’s almost a nervous buzzing or energy that makes the song one that you want to listen to over and over again. It’s addicting. It will be exciting to see where Egyptian Blue goes from here.


Anyway, you should listen to “To Be Felt” by Egyptian Blue.


You Should Probably Listen To This

Bleu Nuit – “Concentration”

“Concentration” by Bleu Nuit screams Joy Division or Preoccupations to me – and it does so in French. The vocals are completely in French. The nursery rhyme “Frère Jacques”, is the extent of my French language knowledge or skillset.

The song absolutely shreds. The swinging guitars and occasional synths that bounce in are fundamentally post punk. The last minute or so is instrumentally something that perhaps could have been on Closer. Language doesn’t matter here. Anyone can enjoy and appreciate what these Montrealers have cooked up. Their album, le jardin des mémoires is packed full with tunes like “Concentration” and is definitely worth checking out.

Anyway You Should Probably Listen to “Concentration” by Bleu Nuit.


You Should Probably Listen To This

Le Grotto – “Blue Swallow Inn”

The discovery here was courtesy of Brandon Hagen of Vundabar. The frontman shared the song on his Instagram Stories and I decided to look it up. I was not disappointed.

“Blue Swallow Inn” is a song that changes tempos. There’s two instances of a slow build followed by an explosion of sound that then reverts back to a slower quieter tempo.  The cut back between chaos and order makes this song an enjoyable one. Reminds me a little bit of The Districts.

Researching the song and the band, you learn the background for the song is a dark and sad one. Per BTR Today, the song is about the death of a band member’s abusive father mixed in with painful memories surrounding a motel his family would stay at when he was young.

Anyway, You Should Probably Listen to “Blue Shallow Inn” by Le Grotto.



You Should Probably Listen to This

Teenage Cool Kids – “Landlocked State”

Andrew Savage (Not to be mistaken with Andrew Savage of Survivor: Pearl Islands) is a co-frontman of NYC band, Parquet Courts. In October of last year, he released his debut solo album, Thawing Dawn to pretty solid reviews. Just two weeks later, Parquet Courts and Savage collaborated with Italian composter, Daniele Luppi to release Milano, a record about 1980s Milan. This was all followed up by the release of Parquet Court’s sixth album, Wide Awake! in May.

Before Savage was jamming with Parquet Courts he was in Teenage Cool Kids. The Denton, Texas based group came out with three albums before calling it quits in 2011.

TCC Photo
Teenage Cool Kids with Andrew Savage on the Right – Teenage Cool Kids Facebook Page

Some elements of Parquet Courts are here in the song, “Landlocked State”. Imaginative and whimsical lyrics follow the nice melody of guitar and drums. The backing vocals that occasionally peek through are also very enjoyable.

At one point, Andrew Savage sings, “Stealing groceries just to stay awake”. I’ve never heard of that before, but it does kind of transport me to those times where you find yourself falling asleep late in a Meijer or Walmart fucking around with your friends.

Anyway, You Should Probably Listen to Landlocked State by Teenage Cool Kids





The Maccabees – “I Drove All Night”

The Maccabees released four albums before ultimately disbanding in August of 2016 (although farewell shows were played in 2017). Performing for fourteen years, the London band is probably best known for their song, “Toothpaste Kisses”.

On May 4th, 2009 the band released their sophomore album, Wall of Arms. The album included iTunes extended tracks that featured “I Drove All Night” as one of the songs.

“I Drove All Night”, made famous by Roy Orbison and Cyndi Lauper is played a little differently by The Maccabees. Orlando Weeks’ voice is much quieter and the song is sung almost like a hymn, with somewhat of a hypnotic effect. The instrumentals also offer a distant and atmospheric sound. Altogether, this cover by The Maccabees is definitely a unique one.

You Should Probably Listen to “I Drove All Night” by The Maccabees.