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Trolling Whitney with Whitney

Whitney posted this gem recently on their Facebook page. Someone did a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” in the unique sound of Whitney. This is an over the top troll-job worth listening too.

Whitney Troll 8.16
Houston – The Night Falls

The BandCamp’s description reads, ”

“Houston was born from a series of laidback early-morning songwriting sessions during one of the hottest summers in Texashistory, after Houston Smith and Whitney Western (former members of Western Smiths) reconnected – first as roommates splitting rent in a small Texas apartment and later as musical collaborators passing the guitar and the lyrics sheet back and forth”

Best part is if you are feeling generous you can purchase the track for a cool $100 dollar bill.



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Courtney Barnett’s New Song is Just Her Talking, and its Lovely


Courtney Barnett’s new song “Small Talk” was released in a compilation from Mom+Pop in honor of their 10-year anniversary.

There’s something about Barnett’s voice that transports you to a comfortable couch. You kind of just want her to do an audiobook. Perhaps a gardening book? I’d buy that, whatever book she would voice.

“Small Talk” is a nice relaxing rocker that is like it’s title, a song about conversation. The song cuts into those situations when you are chatting and you’d rather not be.

“i like very much being here with you

but you see, all this small talk is killin’ me”

Great couch song.



Balkans – “Troubled and Done”

Balkans were a four-piece group from Atlanta, Georgia. Back in the day, Spin Magazine actually them named one of their best new 5 artists for June 2011. A bit after that, the band went on hiatus. During that time, guitarist Frankie Broyles went to go play with Deerhunter (another A-town Band) for their Monomania album. Although they didn’t do anything for years – they officially folded in January of 2017.

Their self-titled debut album Balkans is just a rockin’ album.

“Troubled and Done” starts off with a short guitar riff before the drums and the rest of the instruments and vocals kicks in. The lyrics aren’t wonderful, but the song is made memorable with neat guitar riffs and fast paced tempo. It would have been interesting to see this band grow and develop further with more releases. Man, what could have been…

Anyway, You Should Probably Listen to “Troubled and Done” by Balkans.