I Was There

I Was There: Peter Bjorn and John – Lincoln Hall (Chicago) – 12/5/2018

One of the things that struck me with Peter Bjorn and John is how they genuinely and wholeheartedly love music and performing live. About halfway through the set Peter Morén spoke into the microphone about how it amazes him that he gets to play in front of a full room of people. He almost couldn’t believe it.

Peter Morén of Peter Bjorn and John / Photo: SleepSoLate

Peter and Bjorn were energetic throughout the entire show. Peter made his way down to the crowd a handful of times. This included a moment were he laid down on his back in the middle of the floor surrounded by concertgoers that followed him down to the floor.

The band played a good selection of tunes from their newest album Darker Days (which is great by the way). “Gut Feeling” was received to a buzz of energy from the crowd. Excluding “Amsterdam” and its glorious shakers, tunes from Writer’s Block were missing for a large part of the show. You could tell the crowd was getting antsy. Fear not, PBJ delivered with an encore that featured all the hits from their monumental 2007 album, Writer’s Block.

“Young Folks” and its iconic whistling brought out all the iPhones, but the biggest and best moment of the night was a very long version of “Up Against The Wall”. This version featured a cut of “The Chills” and even a cover of “Transmission” by Joy Division. Peter was on top of a large speaker as he belted out “Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio!” over and over again.

At the end the trio left the stage for a final time, completely gassed but full of smiles. Everyone there could tell that these guys unequivocally love what they do.


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