Q&A – Sports Boyfriend


Sports Boyfriend was kind enough to participate in the first ever Q&A on Sleep So Late! She is an extremely talented artist from Chicago that you should definitely check out!






Sports Boyfriend Photo - Marina Labarthe del Solar
Sports Boyfriend – Sports Boyfriend Facebook / Photo: Marina Labarthe del Solar


SSL – I noticed on your SoundCloud that songs for the most part, get added randomly. Do you just release songs as you make them? Have you thought about releasing an album or an EP?

 Sports Boyfriend – I’m working on an EP now, hoping to release the first single from it within the next few weeks. I go through different phases with what kind of music I’m interested in making though, & sometimes that makes it hard to work towards something as cohesive as an album. I like that I can upload work in a really casual way and see what sticks.

SSL – You are playing at Thalia Hall on November 11th.  Have you ever played at that venue before (one of my favorites!) and are you stoked for the show?

Sports Boyfriend: I’ve never played there before & I’m very excited for the show. I’ve seen some of my favorite artists there and it’s really incredible to be able to play the same venues as them.

SSL – What are you currently listening to?

Sports Boyfriend – I’m currently listening to the new Lala Lala record “The Lamb” & the new Adrianne Lenker record “abysskiss.” Noname’s “Room 25” is obviously essential – it’s amazing. Kevin Krauter’s “Toss Up” has been in heavy rotation for me as well.

SSL – I feel your music have a nice balance of rock and pop. How did you find “your sound”?

Sports Boyfriend – I actually arrived at my sound by trying to mix the kinds of songs I had been writing on my guitar with the kind of lusher production possible with the computer. I’m still very much figuring out how to blend the two in a way that stays interesting. I’m trying to learn how to give up a little control and get more comfortable working with other people. After a certain point it doesn’t make sense to do everything by yourself anymore.

SSL – How often do you practice or work on your music? Are you always writing?

 Sports Boyfriend – I try to work every day. I’ve been writing more intentionally so I’ve been carrying around a notebook as well as jotting things in my phone. To get a song started all I need is a little snippet of something I really like, usually a melody or a few lines of lyrics and then I build everything else around that.

SSL – Do you have a short term goal with your music? What is something you are working towards?

Sports Boyfriend – I would love to release a packaged EP – I’m currently looking for a label to partner with that could help me make that happen, but I’ll always enjoy the ability to release one off pieces.

SSL – Do you ever get nervous playing in front of people? After performing live so many times, does it feel more natural now?

 Sports Boyfriend – I definitely know what to expect now, but I always feel a little out of my depth when I’m actually on stage. My wonderful bandmates have made playing shows so much more fun – Alex Lukawski & Abby Santourian. They are incredible and they have improved the live act exponentially. I’ve also been getting some visual & styling help from Tara Shafa – a genius – who pushes me out of my comfort zone when it comes to what I wear for shows and how I present my work visually.

SSL – What are your favorite venues to play at?

Sports Boyfriend – I love playing at the Empty Bottle and the Hideout – those are probably my two favorites right now.

SSL – Any good musical life lessons or learnings you went through as a musician?

Sports Boyfriend –  I’m not a very patient person but things take time to come together. Feeling upset about how long things take has never helped me make better work.


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