I Was There

(Sandy) Alex G – Thalia Hall (Chicago) – 11/4/2018

(Sandy) Alex G got up on stage at 10:30 PM. Any other day would be fine, but it was Sunday and the Scaries were in full effect. Monday would arrive soon, dragging work along with it. Why the hell are you playing so late? What about me – the working man?

Who cares? It doesn’t matter I would go watch him play anytime of the day.

(Sandy) Alex G jammed through a set that featured 23 songs. Opening with “Whale” and immediately following into “After Ur Gone” which featured an out of control solo from the guitarist. For the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of the guitarist. If you’re reading this (which you are most definitely not) you could jam and are very talented. (Sandy) Alex G’s style on stage was a little strange. The stage featured no light show or even a stage banner. While playing nearly every song, (Sandy) Alex G would turn around and play away from the crowd for a minute or two. It wasn’t right or wrong, just something that I haven’t ever seen live.

I know nothing about drums other than they make noise, but I also noticed that the drums were set up a little differently. It was like if Neil Peart were playing and someone photoshopped out the majority of his drums, but forgot to delete a really out-of-place one. A cymbal was hung up awkwardly high. Again, something that I don’t think is too common.

(Sandy) Alex G on keyboards 

The main set ended with “Sarah”. “Sarah” is a great track by (Sandy) Alex G and one of those that sounds sweeter live. Those funky flute sounds came from the keyboards which was kind of surprising – maybe not, after second thought.

The comparisons to Elliot Smith are not farfetched with (Sandy) Alex G. The talent and songwriting is there. The cymbals may be a little too high up for comfort, but (Sandy) Alex G put those Sunday Scaries to bed.




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