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Beirut is Back!

Just by going through Beirut’s catalogue you can travel the world. “Perth”, “Nantes”, “Rhineland (Heartland)”, and “East Harlem” are just some of the song titles that take you around the globe. Now there’s another one.


Beirut dropped a song yesterday, entitled “Gallipoli”. The song starts and just a little bit in, the sound of those all too familiar horns come in. Those beautiful goddamn horns. As soon as they started going off, I knew Beirut was back. This is the first song of the same titled album, which will be released February 1, 2019.

On his site, Zachary Condon writes about the series of events and the writing process behind his new album. The most interesting part was how he used the same organ he used in Gulag Orkestar and The Flying Club Cup for Gallipoli. Fans of those albums know they are in store for a good one here from Beirut.


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