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Revisiting La Blogotheque’s Phoenix “1901” – Take Away Show

La Blogotheque is a YouTube channel that features some of the best and most intimate music sessions around. One of my personal favorites is the one with Phoenix and their performance of “1901”. The band plays with the Eiffel Tower in the background surrounded by a collection of people who include a couple soon to be married.

For whatever reason the circling of the camera on Thomas Mars’ finger gets you pulled in instantly. The person filming continues this technique throughout the duration of the song. At one point the cameraman backs away and you see decent sized crowd observing the show. A bride and groom are present dressed up, flowers and all, enjoying the show. At the end of the song, the groom is seen talking to members of the Phoenix where he says he recognized them and owns a CD of theirs. Talk about right place at the right time! This video was filmed over 9 years ago, but it’s to this day, one of those music sessions you can enjoy over and over again.


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